About us

Welcome to "it's in the message".com... this is our "about us" page. This page is here to give you a little insight to who we are as a company, what we do and why we do it. So here we go... drum roll please.....

  • Who are you people?  John 1:12 states: "to them that believe on His name:" that's us. Them that believe.
  • Why do we sell the items we sell? - The items we sell are about boldly spreading God's Word and love to all those who will hear.
  • We currently have 2 small office locations located in Atlanta (main) and California (branch).
  • You are apart of our launch into online sales as of March 1, 2016... yay.
  • Some of the product ideas that you will see in the months ahead have been planned for many many moons.... did I mention many?
  • We are dedicated to selling quality products and with your suggestions and feedback, we can and will accomplish this.
  • Contact information: if you have any questions/ comments/ and or feedback that you would like to leave, please complete and submit the form below. Thank you.
  • We will also be launching our Social media sites in the weeks to come- (Twitter, Facebook)